Screen potential coders faster and pick only the best ones for interview.

Efficient testing solution for your company

Save time and money
Smooth and lightweight online testing solution speeds up your company’s recruitment process.

Find hidden talents
Online testing pre-screens big amount of candidates and spots skilled and the most productive ones for interview. Screening is based on productivity and skills not just on CV.

See how they code
Casetesting gives you a good insight into your candidates programming productivity showing you their coding process and performance.

How online testing works

Open an account and invite candidates to our automated test. Use predefined tests or create your own.

Let our testing engine rank your candidates.

Take a look how the fast ones code.

Finally interview only the best ones.

Start online testing today

  • Quick start-up with cloud based SaaS Service
  • Unique Productivity index – helps selection with simple numeric grading
  • Independent of used language or technology
  • Fast and lightweight testing process, candidates love taking the test
  • Testing based on patent-pending technology

For Developers – Look how I code

For developers Casetesting offers opportunity to improve your CV and show your programming skills and performance. Currently developers can use Casetesting service for free!

All you need to do
1. Login and create an account
2. Choose a test and create your code sample
3. Link your online code sample to your CV
4. Let your future employer see how you code


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    About us

    Casetesting Oy is a fresh startup founded by coders and project managers who faced the recruiting challenges in real life. Passion and desire to find a better way for hiring productive programmers led to Casetesting.com development and patent pending innovation (Patent Pending US 15/205,109) behind it.

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