Terms of use and privacy policy

1. General
These terms and conditions cover the use of Casetesting’s internet pages. The pages are maintained by Casetesting (hereinafter Service Provider). By opening the pages in question you commit to complying with these terms. In case you do not accept the terms and conditions of use, using the pages is not allowed. These web pages are meant to offer information on the Service Provider and its services for those interested in them. The pages also enable sending communications-related feedback and contact requests to the Service Provider.

2. Proprietary rights
All material presented on the Service Provider’s pages is the property of the Service Provider. The brands, text, sound, pictures, and other material are protected by trademark, copyright, and other immaterial rights. Even partial copying of the material presented on the pages and its reproduction for the purposes of producing new publications and/or databases, as well as other such commercial use, is forbidden. The pages can be viewed and studied on a computer or equivalent device and parts of them can be printed. The use of press releases and other such documents meant for public use for the purposes of public broadcasting is allowed provided that the source of information is mentioned upon use. If you copy or save information presented on the internet pages, you simultaneously commit to not removing any markings or identification possibly found in the material and pertaining to the original immaterial rights, such as, for instance, copyright markings.

3. Links to third party websites
The Service Provider’s internet pages can contain links to websites owned or maintained by third parties. The Service Provider is not liable for any information or material contained on the pages of such parties.

4. User responsibilities
Users are fully responsible for all damages caused by any use or activity violating or neglecting the terms and conditions of use detailed herein.

5. Casetesting’s responsibilities
The Service Provider is not liable for any damages caused to users or third parties due to possible errors and inadequacies contained in the service or any damages due to interpretation. The Service Provider is not responsible to users or any third party for the service’s applicability for any specific purpose. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damages caused to users or a third party due to possible service breaks in the service or damages caused by possible technical failures. The Service Provider is not liable for any damage that may be due to the function or malfunction of the service.

6. Development of the service’s content and operation
Casetesting reserves the right to change and modify the service’s content and functions for developmental purposes at any time and without further notice.

7. Privacy policy
While browsing our internet pages, you may be asked to disclose personal data which might be further processed if necessary in order to, for instance, identify a client and for the purposes of, for example, being able to deliver services and messages to you. The information required or asked for may include, e.g. names, user IDs and passwords, place of employment, phone number, address, and e-mail address. Unless otherwise decreed by law, we will not disclose your information without your express consent to any third party other than for the purposes described above. Some services may be subject to separate terms of use and privacy policies.

8. Collection of data and cookies
We may collect, process, and analyze data concerning the use of the pages, the amount of traffic and any incidents that might take place on them, and other statistical data related to the pages. We can also acquire such data from reliable third parties. Such data is not traceable to any single, identifiable person. When using the pages, your browser may save a small file sent by us (called a Cookie) on your computer. Cookies enable us to identify the computer you are using as well as some specific information concerning the computer in question and the use of our web pages. Cookies are manifested, for instance, when information – such as your address – you have sent from the same computer on a previous occasion reappears automatically on the page in question. In all likelihood your browser will allow cookies with default settings, but you can also change your browser settings and remove such cookies from your computer. In order to function, some services may require that cookies are allowed. With the help of cookies and user information, we hope to develop our services according to your and our other customers’ preferences. We respect your privacy and are committed into handling your personal information in the appropriate manner. We have done our best to ensure the confidentiality, security, and correctness of your information. Your personal information is processed in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data and in compliance with official regulations.

9. The terms and conditions of use concerning our web pages are governed by Finnish law.